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Young Adult - United Against Hate

Fiction and nonfiction books for teenagers.

Stone, Nic, author.
Writing letters to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., seventeen-year-old college-bound Justyce McAllister struggles to face the reality of race relations today and how they are shaping him.

Jones, Kimberly (Kimberly Latrice), author.
Told from two viewpoints, Atlanta high school seniors Lena and Campbell, one black, one white, must rely on each other to survive after a football rivalry escalates into a riot.

Behnke, Alison, author.
YA 363.2308 BEH
In the United States, racial profiling affects thousands of Americans every day. Both individuals and institutions such as law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and schools routinely use race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of an offense. Explores the history, the many manifestations, and the consequences of this form of social injustice.

Prager, Sarah, 1986- author.
YA 306.766 PRA
A LGBTQ chronicle for teens shares hip, engaging facts about 23 influential gender-ambiguous notables from the era of the Roman Empire to the present, exploring how they defied convention to promote civil rights, pursue relationships on their own terms and shape culture.

Thomas, Angie, author.
After witnessing her friend's death at the hands of a police officer, Starr Carter's life is complicated when the police and a local drug lord try to intimidate her in an effort to learn what happened the night Kahlil died.

Joseph, Frederick (Activist), author.
YA 305.8 JOS
Frederick Joseph call up race-related anecdotes from his past, explaining why they were hurtful and how he might handle things now. Each chapter features the voice of at least one artist or activist, including Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give; April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite; Jemele Hill, sports journalist and podcast host; and eleven others. Touching on everything from cultural appropriation to power dynamics, "reverse racism" to white privilege, microaggressions to the tragic results of overt racism, this book serves as conversation starter, tool kit, and invaluable window into the life of a former "token Black kid" who now presents himself as the friend many readers need. -- adapted from inside front jacket flap.

Bennett, Michael, 1985- author.
Presents a young readers adaptation of the book that uses humor to discuss racism and violence, denounce the NFL's abuses, and encourage black athletes in the NCAA and NFL to speak out against injustice both on and off the field.

Anderson, Carol (Carol Elaine), author.
YA 323.1196 AND
"This ... young adult adaptation brings her ideas to a new audience. When America achieves milestones of progress toward full and equal black participation in democracy, the systemic response is a consistent racist backlash that rolls back those wins. We Are Not Yet Equal examines five of these moments: The end of the Civil War and Reconstruction was greeted with Jim Crow laws; the promise of new opportunities in the North during the Great Migration was limited when blacks were physically blocked from moving away from the South; the Supreme Court's landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision was met with the shutting down of public schools throughout the South; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 led to laws that disenfranchised millions of African American voters and a War on Drugs that disproportionally targeted blacks; and the election of President Obama led to an outburst of violence including the death of black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri as well as the election of Donald Trump. This YA adaptation will be written in an approachable narrative style that provides teen readers with additional context to these historic moments, photographs and archival images, and additional backmatter and resources for teens."--Provided by publisher.

Zoboi, Ibi Aanu, author.
From award-winning, bestselling author Ibi Zoboi and prison reform activist Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five comes a powerful YA novel in verse about a boy who is wrongfully incarcerated. The story that I thought was my life didn't start on the day I was born. Amal Shahid has always been an artist and a poet. But even in a diverse art school, he's seen as disruptive and unmotivated by a biased system. Then one fateful night, an altercation in a gentrifying neighborhood escalates into tragedy. "Boys just being boys" turns out to be true only when those boys are white. The story that I think will be my life starts today. Suddenly, at just sixteen years old, Amal's bright future is upended: he is convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sent to prison. Despair and rage almost sink him until he turns to the refuge of his words, his art. This never should have been his story. But can he change it' With spellbinding lyricism, award-winning author Ibi Zoboi and prison reform activist Yusef Salaam tell a moving and deeply profound story about how one boy is able to maintain his humanity and fight for the truth, in a system designed to strip him of both.

Méndez, Matt, author.
"Three Mexican-Americans--Juan, JD, and Fabi--each try to overcome their individual struggles as they all grapple with how to make a better life for themselves when it seems like brown lives don't matter"-- Provided by publisher.

Colbert, Brandy, author.
"Suzette returns home to Los Angeles from boarding school and grapples with her bisexual identity when she and her brother Lionel fall in love with the same girl, pushing Lionel's bipolar disorder to spin out of control and forcing Suzette to confront her own demons"-- Provided by publisher.

Farizan, Sara, author.
When a cyberbully sends the entire high school a picture of basketball hero Bijan Majidi, photo-shopped to look like a terrorist, the school administration promises to find and punish the culprit, but Bijan just wants to pretend the incident never happened and move on.

Rodi, Robert, author.
YA 306.766 ROD
Explores the fight for LGBT civil rights and why an end to prejudice against LGBT people is important for all Americans.

Konigsberg, Bill, author.
"It is summer in Phoenix, and seventeen-year-old Maximo offers to help Jordan, a fellow student in high school, with the food truck that belonged to Jordan's deceased father, and which may be the only thing standing between homelessness for Jordan and his mom; the boys are strongly attracted to each other, but as their romance develops, it is threatened by the secrets they are hiding--and by the racism and homophobia of those around them."-- (Source of summary not specified).

Callender, Kacen, author.
Felix Love, a transgender seventeen-year-old, attempts to get revenge by catfishing his anonymous bully, but lands in a quasi-love triangle with his former enemy and his best friend.

Slater, Dashka, author.
YA 364.15 SLA
"One teenager in a skirt. One teenager with a lighter. One moment that changes both of their lives forever. If it weren't for the 57 bus, Sasha and Richard never would have met. Both were high school students from Oakland, California, one of the most diverse cities in the country, but they inhabited different worlds. Sasha, a white teen, lived in the middle-class foothills and attended a small private school. Richard, a black teen, lived in the crime-plagued flatlands and attended a large public one. Each day, their paths overlapped for a mere eight minutes. But one afternoon on the bus ride home from school, a single reckless act left Sasha severely burned, and Richard charged with two hate crimes and facing life imprisonment. The case garnered international attention, thrusting both teenagers into the spotlight."--

Thomas, Angie
Starr es una chica de dieciséis años que vive entre dos mundos: el barrio pobre de gente negra donde nació, y su escuela situada en un elegante distrito residencial blanco. El difícil equilibrio entre ambos se hace añicos cuando ella se convierte en testigo de la muerte a tiros de su mejor amigo, Khalil, a manos de un policía.A partir de ese momento, todo lo que Starr diga acerca de la aterradora noche que cambió su vida podrá ser usado de excusa por unos y como arma por otros. Y lo peor de todo es que ambos bandos esperan que dé un paso en falso para poner fin a su vida.Inspirado por el movimiento Black Lives Matter, el debut de Angie Thomas sobre una chica normal sometida a tan difíciles circunstancias aborda cuestiones de racismo y violencia policial con inteligencia, corazón y una honestidad inquebrantable."Angie Thomas ha escrito una novela asombrosa, brillante y desgarradora que será recordada como un clásico de nuestro tiempo."John Green, autor de Bajo la misma estrella
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Mendez, Matt
Now available in Spanish! "There are moments when a story shakes you... Barely Missing Everything is one of those stories, and Mendez, a gifted storyteller with a distinct voice, is sure to bring a quake to the literary landscape." —Jason Reynolds, New York Times bestselling author of Long Way Down In the tradition of Jason Reynolds and Matt de la Peña, this heartbreaking, no-holds-barred debut novel told from three points of view explores how difficult it is to make it in life when you—your life, brown lives—don't matter. Juan tiene grandes planes. Va a ser el muchacho de El Paso que salió adelante, va a conseguir esa beca de basquetbol para ir a la universidad y va hacer algo de su vida... algo mejor que la sarta de novios nefastos de Fabi, su mamá. Sólo necesita hacerlo realidad. El mejor amigo de Juan, JD, también tiene planes. Algún día va a ser cineasta, como Tarantino o Del Toro ( no Spielberg). Tiene una cámara y tiene pasión. ¿Qué más se necesita? Fabi ya no tiene planes. Cuando te embarazas a los dieciséis, descubres que los planes no siempre salen y que hay algunas cosas que no puedes anticipar... Como un altercado con la policía. Como la implosión de tu familia. Como un pasado que regresa a perseguirte. Como el temor de que tú, tu hijo y todos los que amas no van a alcanzar van a alcanzar nada.
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Reynolds, Jason, author.
YA 305.8009 REY
"A history of racist and antiracist ideas in America, from their roots in Europe until today, adapted from the National Book Award winner Stamped from the Beginning"-- Provided by publisher.