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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means of keeping up with changing content on a website. Instead of repeatedly visiting a website and browsing for fresh content, you can "subscribe" to a site's RSS feeds and be alerted to changes through an aggregator or RSS reader. RSS feeds are generally identified by an orange RSS or XML button (such as those on the right side of this page).

How do I use RSS?

To make use of RSS feeds you need a reader capable of displaying their content. This may be a free reader like Feedly or Newsblur. Once you have set up your reader, you can subscribe to a feed by clicking on the appropriate RSS button and copying the RSS URL (in the address bar of your browser) into your reader.

...RSS feeds in your web browser:

A number of browsers also have the ability to read RSS feeds.

Mozilla Firefox uses "Live Bookmarks" to load content from RSS feeds into the Bookmarks menu. To add a new "Live Bookmark," click on one of the feed links to the right. At the top of the browser page, Firefox will give you the option to subscribe to the page using "Live Bookmarks". Click the "Subscribe Now" button, choose a location for the bookmark, and click "Add." Clicking on that bookmark will now give you a list of all new items for the selected feed--this list will be updated automatically as changes are made to our website. Selecting a link from within your Live Bookmark will take you to the complete entry for that post on our site.

If you use Firefox to browse lists of newly inventoried titles, you will also notice a small icon (RSS Enabled) in the top right corner of the address bar (or lower right corner of the browser window, depending on your version). On these pages you can add the feed that you are currently viewing to your "Live Bookmarks" by simply clicking the icon.

If you use Google Chrome, there are various browser extensions you can download which will allow you to download RSS feeds to your external feed reader. Go to the Chrome web store to look for these extensions.

If you prefer to view the RSS feed inside the Chrome browser, you can try a built-in feed reader such as which will notify you of updates with an icon next to the URL bar of the browser. You can then on the updates for the feed page to be opened in a new tab.


Available Feeds:


RSS icon  SCPL News

RSS icon  Staff Picks


Upcoming Library Events:

RSS icon  General Calendar -- Upcoming Events

RSS icon  Programs for Kids (0-3)

RSS icon  Programs for Kids (6-11)

RSS icon  Programs for Kids (3-5)

RSS icon  Programs for Teens

RSS icon  Programs for Families

RSS icon  Programs for Adults

RSS icon  Storytimes/Laptimes

RSS icon  Library Classes

RSS icon  Tales to Tails

RSS icon  Library Closures


Upcoming Events by Branch:

RSS icon  Aptos Branch

RSS icon  Boulder Creek Branch

RSS icon  Branciforte Branch

RSS icon  Capitola Branch

RSS icon  Downtown Branch

RSS icon  Felton Branch

RSS icon  Garfield Park Branch

RSS icon  La Selva Beach Branch

RSS icon  Live Oak Branch

RSS icon  Scotts Valley Branch