Endangered Species

Endangered Species


This category includes 8 species...

Brown Pelican
Pelecanus occidentalis

The adult brown pelican is a large dark gray-brown water bird with white about the ... read more

California Clapper Rail
Rallus Longirostris Obsoletus

The California Clapper Rail lives year-round in coastal wetlands and brackish areas around San Francisco, ... read more

California Least Tern
Sterna antillarum browni

Long, narrow wings and a broad, forked tail identify the California least tern. Also have ... read more


Least Bell's Vireo
Vireo bellii pusillus

Least Bell's vireos are small birds. They are only 11.5-12.5 centimeters long. (About 4.5 to ... read more

Marbled Murrelet
Brachyramphus marmoratus

The Marbled Murrelet is a small, chubby seabird that has a very short neck. Adults ... read more

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher
Empidonax traillii extimus

A small diurnal bird, the flycatcher is distinguishable by its brownish-olive upperparts, a whitish throat ... read more


Western Snowy Plover
Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus

The Western Snowy Plover is a small shorebird which lives primarily on beaches, dry mud ... read more

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Coccyzus americanus

Yellow-billed Cuckoos are medium-sized birds (26 to 30 cm or about 1 ft. in length) ... read more