Endangered Species

Endangered Species

California Least Tern

California Least Tern

Scientific Name: Sterna antillarum browni

Status: E

Long, narrow wings and a broad, forked tail identify the California least tern. Also have black-capped head and black-tipped, pale gray wings of the least tern contrast with its white body. It bears a white blaze across its forehead, dark forewings, black-tipped yellow bill, and yellowish feet. Is less the 25 cm when full grown and has 75 cm wingspan.

Lays clutch of usually 2-3 eggs, mostly May-June (July-August nests probably are renests).

A diurnal bird, it eats mainly small fishes (generally less than 9 cm long, such as anchovy, topsmelt, surf-perch, killifish, and mosquitofish), obtained by diving from air into shallow water. When breeding, forages within a few hundred meters of colony.

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