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Book Lists for Adults

Bruce Lee

Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.
153 J95

Campbell, Joseph, 1904-1987.
201.3 CAM

Sunzi, active 6th century B.C., author.
355.02 SUN
"For the first time in any modern language, a female scholar and translator reimagines The Art of War. Sun Tzu's ancient book of strategy and psychology has as much to tell us today as when it was first written 2,500 years ago. In a world forever at odds, his rules for anticipating the motivations and strategies of our competitors never cease to inspire leaders of all kinds. Michael Nylan, in her provocative introduction, sees new and unexpected lessons to be learned from The Art of War- in business ventures, relationships, games of skill, academic careers, and medical practices. Strategy, like conflict, is woven into society's very roots. Nylan's crisp translation "offers a masterly new evaluation of this classic work, which balances the overtly military content with a profound and thought- provoking analysis" (Oliva Milburn). Readers newly engaging with ancient Chinese culture will be inspired by Nylan's authoritative voice. She proves that Sun Tzu is more relevant than ever, helping us navigate the conflicts we know and those we have yet to endure"-- Provided by publisher.

Hesse, Hermann, 1877-1962, author.
A young Brahmin named Siddhartha searches for ultimate reality after meeting with the Buddha. His quest takes him from a life of decadence to asceticism, from the illusory joys of sensual love with a beautiful courtesan, and of wealth and fame, to the painful struggles with his son and the ultimate wisdom of renunciation. Integrating Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with psychoanalysis and philosophy, written with a deep and moving empathy for humanity, Herman Hesse's strangely simple Siddhartha is perhaps the most important and compelling moral allegory the troubled twentieth century ever produced.

Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955.
150 CAR
Carnegie's classic bestseller--an inspirational personal-development guide that shows how to achieve lifelong success--is now in a newly packaged edition, the first hardcover release of this classic since 1981.

Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955, author.
158.2 CAR
This new edition of the most influential self-help book of the last century has been updated under the care of Dale's daughter, Donna, introducing changes that keep the book fresh for today's readers, with priceless material restored from the original 1936 text.

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.
248.4 LEW
Nothing is as helpful to a young man's career as the doting advice of an experienced elder. This is a compendium of such wisdom as it was penned to young Tempter Wormwood by his worldly-wise old devil of an uncle, Screwtape. The annotations include literary, theological and biographical information to enhance Lewis' core themes and demystify complex ideas.