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SCPL Book Discussion Kit

To help your book discussion group, we've gathered a collection of popular paperback titles and sorted them into kits. We can send a kit to you upon request. Each kit is put into a canvas bag and contains paperback copies of the selected title, information about the author and a list of possible discussion topics.

The Kits

There are at least 5 copies of the book in each kit. At this time, we have over a hundred kits for you to choose from.

To Obtain a Kit

Once your book group has decided on a title, you can obtain a kit by placing a request on it through our online catalog, or by calling our Telephone Reference service at 427-7713. The kit will be checked out on the card of the person who requested it. The person checking out the kit may choose a due date for the kit — up to 3 months from the day they check it out. Kits can be sent to any library branch in the Santa Cruz Public Library system.

If a Book is Lost

If your group happens to lose a book, we ask that you replace it with another paperback copy of the book, new or second hand, that is clean and readable.

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