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Local Ballot Measures

Content and Organization

Local Measures is a list of ballot measures from elections in jurisdictions in Santa Cruz County, from 1980 to the present. It is arranged by the date of the election. When available, each listing quotes the short text of the measure as it appeared on the ballot. When the short text is unavailable, a brief annotation, written by staff and based on additional information from the S.C. County Elections Department, is given. Annotations supplied by the staff are in brackets. The measure's name and short text (or other annotation) are searchable by keyword. The full text of all measures is included from November 1998 on; for earlier measures, sources of the full text are noted. The source of vote counts is the S.C. County Elections Department. Various sources were used to determine election results. For an explanation see, How the Library Determined Whether a Measure was Approved or Failed.

Disclaimer: While the Library has made a reasonable effort to be accurate and complete, the Library cannot guarantee that there are no errors or omissions. The Santa Cruz County Elections Department is the primary source and authority for all local measures.