Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

How the Library Determined Whether a Measure was Approved or Failed


The Santa Cruz County Elections Department certifies the vote count. It is the Board of Supervisors which declares winners or losers. Its decision is based on the certified vote count and the legally required percentage of yes votes. However, the Board of Supervisors does not keep an archive. The Library obtained official vote counts from the County Elections Department and then had to determine whether or not a measure passed.

The Library used the following information to determine election results:
  • For some measures, the County's Statement of the Vote and the "History Binder" at the County Elections Department clearly states that a measure was approved or failed.
  • For some measures, the Voters Information Pamphlet states the percentage required to pass a measure: 2/3, 55%, or simple majority. Using the official vote count, staff calculated the percentage of yes votes.
  • City Clerk offices for Santa Cruz and Watsonville confirmed that Charter amendments require a simple majority.
  • Staff concluded that a measure was approved or failed when the vote count was more than the highest percentage required (2/3) or less than a simple majority--clear winners and losers.
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