Subject Guides

Subject Guides

What are subject guides?

Subject Guides are a great resource for anybody interested in researching (or simply learning more about) a particular topic. They lead you through the research process by providing step-by-step instructions and by pointing you to a wide variety of sources that you might not find on your own. These might include books, websites, online databases, local documents, phone numbers, and more - all gathered in one convenient location.

Who creates the subject guides?

All of the subject guides found here were created, and are maintained, by reference librarians at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.

This guide provides links to a variety of websites that maintain statistics on various aspects of life in Santa Cruz County. The links are organized by category. General Sou... Read more

A guide to getting started with genealogy research with resources available from the Santa Cruz Public Library and Santa Cruz Genealogical Society collections. ... Read more

This guide provides information on landlord-tenant issues in Santa Cruz County. Local Agencies ... Read more

Santa Cruz County has a rich and interesting history. In addition to Santa Cruz Public Library, there are many resources in the County for those who are researching local history. ... Read more

This is a brief guide to researching property in Santa Cruz County. Property research can vary from finding the year the house was built, to constructing a complete chain of title for a property,... Read more

Thinking of starting a business in Santa Cruz? There are people, agencies and websites available to advise and guide you through this process. Make sure to check all of the top-priority items (n... Read more