Outreach Services - Bookmobile

What is the Bookmobile and What Does it Do?

MISSION STATEMENT: The Santa Cruz Public Libraries Bookmobile delivers library services to persons who are not served or who are underserved by traditional branches because of physical, economic, social, geographic or other barriers.

Typical bookmobile sites within the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (SCPL) service area include senior housing, affordable housing communities, farm labor housing, and facilities that house and/or educate persons with physical or mental challenges.

All members of the public are welcome to use the Bookmobile at any of its scheduled locations.  The Bookmobile carries a variety of library materials in both Spanish and English for children, young adults, adults, and seniors.

How do I find a Bookmobile stop near me?

You can find the location and time of each Bookmobile stop by visiting www.santacruzpl.org and clicking “Branch Locations & Hours” or you can call us at 831-427-7721.  Each stop is made once every two weeks.

How do I use the Bookmobile?

The Bookmobile is a branch of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries system and you can use it similarly to a fixed branch.  Materials borrowed from the Bookmobile check out for two weeks and can be returned on the subsequent visitMaterials borrowed from the Bookmobile can be returned to it or any of the other branches.  Likewise, materials borrowed from other branches can be returned to the Bookmobile.  You can also renew materials on the Bookmobile or request specific titles that you can pick up at the next visit to your stop.  The Bookmobile does not carry cash or accept riders.  The Bookmobile is a wireless hot spot and provides internet service during its stops.

Do I need a library card to use the Bookmobile?

You need a library card to check out items from the Bookmobile.  If you don’t have a library card, you can apply for one on the Bookmobile.  If you can provide a photo ID and proof of address, you can receive your card on the spot.  Your first card is free.  You do not need a card to visit, browse, or read while on the vehicle.

How are Bookmobile stops chosen?

  • The stop must be within the SCPL library service area which extends from the northern border of Santa Cruz County south and east to the Freedom border. Watsonville Public Library serves Freedom and the city of Watsonville.
  • The stop should reflect the mission of SCPL bookmobile services
  • Sufficient library staff and resources must be available to serve the stop
  • The stop must fit into the existing schedule geographically
  • We must be able to safely park the vehicle and it must be easily accessible so that community/staff can approach, board, and leave safely
  • There is ample room to maneuver and park the 30-ft bookmobile.The vehicle is 12 feet tall.
  • The stop can be advertised and promoted by the Library
  • Stops with restroom facilities are helpful, but not necessary
  • New stops may be requested at any time by completing a Bookmobile Stop Request Form available at the Bookmobile, any branch location, and on the Library website.

Bookmobile Stop Request From

Requests are evaluated in a timely manner by Bookmobile staff and a response is made to each request.

Discontinuing a Stop

The bookmobile schedule is reviewed and evaluated annually.  Each stop should show:

  • Consistent community use
  • Consistent circulation of materials
  • Consistent return of library materials
  • Consistent reflection of bookmobile services’ mission

If it is determined that the stop is not meeting the guidelines above, the contact person at the stop will be notified that the stop is in jeopardy of being dropped from the schedule.  With input from the contact person, additional promotion of the stop will be made.  If attempts to revitalize the stop are unsuccessful, SCPL will notify the stop’s contact in writing specifying why the stop is being cancelled and when the cancellation will go into effect.

How can I contact Bookmobile staff?

Contact Bookmobile Staff at bkm@santacruzpl.org or (831)427-7721.


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