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Art & Exhibits in the Library

Santa Cruz Public Libraries provide exhibit space for art at branches across the county. We feature everything from ceramics to oil paintings to tapestries.

Printmakers at the Library, Work by Local Printmakers

Scotts Valley Branch Library, January 6 - April 3

Our first show of 2024 celebrates the centuries-old art form of printmaking as it is practiced by printmakers local to our area. Based on the process of transferring an image from a wood-block, metal plate or litho stone onto paper or fabric, traditional printmaking includes wood-cut, engraving, etching and lithography. Screen printing is a process whereby ink is pushed with a squeegee through a stenciled fabric mesh onto fabric, paper or other surfaces. In modern times, photographic processes have allowed printmakers to make photographic images in etching and screen printing. Photopolymer etching is one of these processes used in many of the prints in this show.
Originally developed as a way to make multiples of one image that many people could own, or that could be distributed in advertising or newspapers, printmaking is also used to make unique images. Multiples of the same image are called editions. Each print in the edition is numbered with its order in the edition over the total of prints made, for example the fifth print in an edition of 100 is numbered 5/100. Unique images are called monotypes and either not numbered or numbered 1/1. 
Our local printmakers are working in all of these techniques as well as in editions or monotypes. They come from all around Monterey Bay. Many of the printmakers here belong to cooperative printmaking studios where they share equipment and know-how with each other. Some have their own private studios. All are masters of the processes they favor.


Mary Fran Archer                                 Vicki Nakamura

Crystal Contreras                                 Mary Neater

Linda Craighead                                  Margaret Niven

Julie Erreca                                          Frank Trueba

Sue Gilchrist                                        Janis O'Driscoll

Jane Gregorius                                    Bob Prentiss

Cindy Haug                                         AV Pike

Andrée LeBourveau                            Lauren Ringelman

Jan Lin                                                 Bob Rocco

Frances Majors                                    Robynn Smith

Stephanie Martin                                Melissa West

Ann Miya

Marc Shargel Photography

Felton Branch Library, January 6 - March 29

Marc Shargel’s stunning nature photographs will be exhibited in the Felton Library Community Room and Reading Nook through March 29. Shargel has been involved in marine conservation for over a quarter-century. He is an Open Studios artist who has published four books. To see more of Marc's work, visit

Tina M. Masciocci's Eclectic Mixed-Media Artwork

Felton Branch Library, January 6 - March 29

This exhibit will be featured in the Felton Library display case through March 29.  Tina says, “My desire as an artist is to capture the imagination of the viewer-visual and emotional-conscious and subconscious, the imagination spurred on through the experimentation with textures, shapes and forms, and explosions of strong colors.”  To see more of Tina’s work, visit her page at the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center website.

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