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Double Vision: Photographs by Dean Price and Peter Webber

Photographs by Dean Price and Peter Webber will be on display at the Downtown Branch Library from July 29 to Oct 27.

Artist Statements:

Photos by Dean Price

 My philosophy is to create images that are interesting and mysterious using subjects in the world around me. I have found that the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary by relieving symbols of their customary and assigned roles and mixing them together in a new context. 

 Some of the Black & White photos consist of traditional black & white film double exposed, and some are Kodak high speed infrared black & white film.

Photographs by Peter Webber

 Peter Webber             


My images, almost all of them captured here in Santa Cruz, represent opposite ends of a nearly 50-year infatuation with photography. While most of the cameras used have come and gone, my goal has always been the same: to create new images that satisfy me, keep me engaged and, hopefully, provide something of interest to the viewer.

For me, the process of making photos is really about escaping the constraints of one’s daily routine and tuning in to the myriad visual possibilities surrounding us. I see it, literally, as a step-by-step process—the need to physically walk off the mental clutter, camera in hand, until the essence of what makes a particular scene photo-worthy begins to come into focus. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it allows me to engage in the moment without distraction and more easily capture or create a potentially compelling final image. 

Hopefully the photographs displayed here will entice you to take more than just a passing glance, and possibly even form a subjective connection. Each of these color prints was made by combining multiple images, in-camera, into a single-frame output. Though certainly not a new process, it offers intriguing possibilities for interweaving complementary or even disparate elements to create interesting effects. It invites the viewer to look at the world in a different way and possibly discover visual subtleties and beauty that, otherwise, may not have been so apparent. 

Please visit my website to view a generous sampling of some of my current and previous work.


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