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Santa Cruz Public Libraries Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

Over the past year, our country has experienced a horrific rise in anti-Asian hate, harassment, and violence. At this moment, we cannot stand by in silence. Santa Cruz Public Libraries stands with our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) in recognizing and condemning the rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes.

The mission of Santa Cruz Public Libraries is to “Connect, Inspire, and Inform” in order to realize a vision of transformed lives and stronger communities. This past summer, we issued our June 4 statement condemning violence and racism towards Black people and People of Color. In this moment, SCPL renews our commitment to anti-racism and racial equity.

As a public library working towards equity in our community, we must actively participate in education, safety, and inclusion. As we learn together, we share resources selected and curated by our knowledgeable, dedicated Equity Team staff members and our Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) colleagues.  These resources provide information, offer free bystander intervention training, support AAPI community members, and include content designed for parents and educators addressing these issues with young people.

Together we can stop the hate.

Statement unanimously endorsed by the Library Advisory Commission April 19, 2021 Agenda Item 7D - General Business: Santa Cruz Public Libraries Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence (P30-32)

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Posted by cowend on April 28, 2021 at 11:48 a.m.


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