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Conversations for Change: Homelessness - A Complex Issue


Homeless people do not fit into any one category. Some are local folks; others are not. Some have lost jobs, housing, and suffered significant financial difficulties. Some who live in cars or shelters work or go to school, trying to better their circumstances.  Some of the most vulnerable while living on the streets become mentally unstable and/or addicted. There are individuals, families, veterans. There are the chronically  mentally ill and chemically addicted who cannot function or hold a job. Some turn to petty crime and property theft as a way of supporting addiction. Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis affecting our communities. This Conversation for Change will focus on your views on the causes and steps necessary to begin to resolve the  problems of homelessness affecting our community.

Tuesday • October 13th • 5:15 - 7:30 PM • Via Zoom

Conversations for Change is designed to foster greater understanding among individuals who may have different viewpoints. Participants in these small group conversations, guided by a trained host, practice being open and curious about all perspectives, with a focus on learning from one another.

Please review the Conversation Agreements.

Project Connect is a group of actively engaged citizens who care about bridging divides in our community as a means of preserving our democratic republic and the flourishing of our country. It is a Finding Common Ground team associated with Santa Cruz Indivisible.

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Posted by cowend on Oct. 8, 2020 at 11:12 a.m.


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