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Many of us are worried by news of the coronavirus outbreak spreading across the world.

Santa Cruz Public Libraries wants to help you stay informed and prevent the spread of misinformation in our community.

Check out these trustworthy resources to stay up-to-date with current reliable information.


“Coronavirus” is a term used for a group of viruses. SARS, MERS, and the common cold are all strains of coronavirus. COVID-19 is the strain of the current outbreak.


COVID-19 symptoms include fever, tiredness, and dry cough as well as aches and pains, congestion, and diarrhea. 80% of people recover from COVID-19. Older people and those with pre-existing conditions are at greater risk for a more serious reaction.


Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Cough into your elbow or a tissue and avoid those coughing or sneezing into open air. Avoid touching your face.


COVID-19 is primarily spread through particulates in the air, usually coming from the nose or mouth of someone who already has it. Keep at least a 3 foot distance from anyone exhibiting symptoms.


Practice regular hygiene while traveling but avoid traveling if you feel feverish or have a cough. If you get sick while traveling, inform the flight crew immediately.


Always find information from a trusted resource: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and the County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency (HSA) all provide up-to-date information on COVID-19.

2-1-1 Service from United Way of Santa Cruz County
Call 2-1-1 or text 898211
2-1-1 is a FREE service that connects community members to information about critical health and human services available in their community. 2-1-1 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 2-1-1 utilizes both bilingual Call Specialists and a phone based translation service to offer 2-1-1 information and referral in over 150 languages.


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