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Visiting the Library with a Group
The Santa Cruz Public Libraries welcomes adults to bring groups of children to the Library for a scheduled visit. Library staff can offer tours, storytimes, booktalks, short classes on using the catalog or library databases, or help with research.

What kinds of groups can schedule a visit?
We have worked with public and private school classes, Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops, 4-H groups, Parks and Rec groups and homeschooling families. We welcome children of all ages...preschoolers to teenagers.

How long are group visits? What can we expect?
Please contact the Program Department to arrange your visit. We will work out specifics with you, such as date, time and branch. Visits usually range from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the ages of the children and the goals of the visit. Library staff will arrange the date and time with you and discuss the various services your group might request: tour, storytime, booktalk, a short class, or research assistance on a specific topic.

What if the children in my group need library cards?
Processing library cards takes more time so we ask that library card applications be returned to your closest branch 2 weeks before the visit takes place. Applications can now be downloaded from our web site at www.santacruzpl.org, or you can pick them up at your branch. Please put them in an envelope along with a student roster, addressed to the Program Department.

What are the benefits of scheduling a visit?
Scheduling a visit for your group ahead of time means that there will be library staff expecting you and ready to help you--and that the children will have a successful and fun experience. You will be able to count on having a storytime or a class on a database or extra resources on the topics you have requested. You will know that time and space has been set aside for your group.

How do I schedule a visit?
Call the Program Department at 831-427-7717 or pro@santacruzpl.org and a staff person will work out the details of your visit with you. We enjoy showing everyone what the library can offer. So don't hesitate...if you are a homeschooling family, a teacher, or a group leader...we are ready to welcome you.

Contact the Program Department
Program Department Phone: 831-427-7717 Email: pro@ santacruzpl.org

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