Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper

Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper

Scientific Name: Trimerotropis infantilis

Status: E

The Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper is a smaller species of grasshopper, typically brownish-grey with bluish hind legs. When in flight, pale yellow hind wings are exposed.

Adults are primarily active between May and August. They are found only in the sandy areas of the Santa Cruz Mountains known as the Zayante sand hills. Habitat is open sparsely vegetated sandy parklands among chapparral or ponderosa pine stands on the Zayante sand hills. They share this habitat with several other threatened or potentially threatened organisms including the Mount Hermon June beetle, the Santa Cruz rain beetle, Santa Cruz cypress, and Silverleaf manzanita.

The primary threats to the Zayante sand hills have been sand mining and urban development. At the time of listing it was estimated that 60% of the sand hills habitat had been disturbed. Of the remaining habitable area, nearly two-thirds is unprotected (i.e. privately owned) and much is subject to continued mining.

(photo courtesy of Zayante Sandhills Conservation Board)

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