Endangered Species in Santa Cruz County - Amphibians

California Tiger Salamander

California Tiger Salamander

Scientific Name: Ambystoma californiense

Status: E, T

It is a large, stocky, terrestrial salamander with a broad, rounded snout. Adults males are about 8 inches long, females a little less than 7. Coloration consists of white or pale yellow spots or bars on a black background on the back and sides. The belly varies from almost uniform white or pale yellow to a variegated pattern of white or pale yellow and black. The salamander's small eyes protrude from their heads. They have black irises.

Prime habitat in California is grassland and open woodlands of foothills and valleys. Adults rely on rodent burrows (of ground squirrels and gophers) for underground retreats.

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T — Threatened

CH — Critical Habitat

PE — Taxa proposed for listing as endangered

PT — Taxa proposed for listing as threatened

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D — Delisted due to Recovery