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Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus kisutch

Status: E, T, CH

Coho smolts generally migrate to the open ocean in the spring of their second year. They spend 16-20 months in the ocean, then return to streams as three-year-old adults. A returning adult may measure more than two feet in length and weigh an average of eight pounds.

Habitat requirements include: small tributary streams (or possibly lakes), gravel for spawning, and shaded streams with tree-lined banks for rearing.

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E — Endangered

T — Threatened

CH — Critical Habitat

PE — Taxa proposed for listing as endangered

PT — Taxa proposed for listing as threatened

PCH — Critical habitat which has been proposed

C — Candidate species for which the Fish and Wildlife Service has on file sufficient information on the biological vulnerability and threats to support proposals to list as endangered or threatened

D — Delisted due to Recovery