Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

2018 November 6th - General Election

Measure Title Result
A Scotts Valley Unified School District pa... Approved
B Soquel Union Elementary School parcel ta... Failed
G Santa Cruz County sales tax Approved
H Santa Cruz County affordable housing Failed
I Capitola Cannabis business tax Approved
J Capitola transient occupancy tax Approved
K Capitola treasurer elected to appointed Approved
L Capitola Greenway initiative Approved
M City of Santa Cruz rent control initiati... Failed
N City of Scotts Valley transient occupanc... Approved
O City of Watsonville transient occupancy ... Approved
P La Selva Beach Recreation parcel tax Failed


Measure A

Scotts Valley Union School District
Scotts Valley Unified School District parcel

To maintain quality core educational programs, prevent cuts in math, science, technology, reading, and the arts, attract and retain highly qualified teachers and counselors, and keep up with technology, shall "Scotts Valley Unified School District" levy an annual education parcel tax of $108 per parcel for five years, with independent community oversight, no funds for administrator salaries, pensions or benefits, senior and disabled exemptions, raising $820,000 annually in funding for "Scotts Valley Unified School District" that can't be taken away by the State?
[Full text for measure A not available]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 6815
    Votes no:  2826


Measure B

Soquel Union Elementary School District
Soquel Union Elementary School parcel tax

To support academic excellence, retain and recruit quality teachers and support staff, offer student enrichment in the arts focusing on music, enhance science with hands-on lessons in school gardens, and provide local funding that cannot be taken by the State, shall Soquel Union Elementary School District’s measure be adopted authorizing the levy of a parcel tax for six years at a rate of $96 per year raising approximately $990,000 with an exemption for seniors and with annual citizens’ oversight?
[Full text for measure B not available]

    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 8729
    Votes no:  4445


Measure G

County of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz County sales tax

To continue funding 9-1-1 emergency response, paramedic, sheriff, fire, emergency preparedness, local street repairs, mental health services, homelessness programs, parks, economic development and other general county services, shall the County of Santa Cruz be authorized to increase by ordinance the sales tax on retail transactions in the unincorporated area of the County by one-half cent for twelve years, providing approximately $5,750,000 annually, subject to annual audits and independent citizens oversight?
[Full text for measure G not available]

    Votes yes: 75810
    Votes no:  39309


Measure H

Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz County affordable housing

To provide affordable local housing for working families and vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors, low- and moderate-income households, persons with disabilities, homeless individuals and families; and supportive housing for individuals suffering from mental health illnesses or substance use disorders; shall the County of Santa Cruz issue up to $140,000,000 in general obligation bonds, with an estimated levy of $16.77 per $100,000 of assessed valuation, generating approximately $8,600,000 annually through maturity, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?
[Full text for measure H not available]

    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 64298
    Votes no:  51783


Measure I

City of Capitola
Capitola Cannabis business tax

To protect the quality of life in the City of Capitola and to fund essential City services such as sidewalks, streets, and emergency response, shall Capitola voters enact an ordinance establishing a tax of no more than 7% on cannabis businesses in the city, generating estimated revenue of up to $310,000 annually per cannabis business, to remain in effect until changed or ended by voters, with all funds staying local?
[Full text for measure I not available]

    Votes yes: 3683
    Votes no:  1178


Measure J

City of Capitola
Capitola transient occupancy tax

To help fund youth programs, protect parks, beaches and open space, and support local businesses, shall a special tax measure paid only by hotel and short-term rental guests be approved increasing transient occupancy taxes from 10% to 12% until ended by voters, providing approximately $310,000 annually, and allocating dedicated portions to youth and early childhood programs, and local business groups for marketing and community improvements, and the balance to fund core City functions?
[Full text for measure J not available]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 3642
    Votes no:  1192


Measure K

City of Capitola
Capitola treasurer elected to appointed

In order to assure that the City of Capitola’s finances are overseen by a trained and qualified individual, shall the office of City Treasurer be changed from elective to appointive?
[Full text for measure K not available]

    Votes yes: 3000
    Votes no:  1622


Measure L

City of Capitola
Capitola Greenway initiative

Shall the Capitola Municipal Code be amended to direct Capitola constituent departments to take all steps necessary to preserve and maintain the Capitola segment of the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission's Rail Corridor and Trestle over Soquel Creek for bicyclists, pedestrians and other human powered transportation, and to prohibit expenditures to route bicyclists, pedestrians and other human powered transportation from the rail corridor to Capitola streets and sidewalks?
[Full text for measure L not available]

    Votes yes: 2526
    Votes no:  2320


Measure M

City of Santa Cruz
City of Santa Cruz rent control initiative

Shall the City Charter be amended to enact rent control and just cause eviction regulations on residential rentals in the City of Santa Cruz, with exceptions under State Law, to be governed by a separately elected and autonomous rent board, with independent authority to set rents, fees, and penalties, and appoint an executive director, legal counsel and staff to oversee implementation, administration, and enforcement of the rent control and just cause eviction regulations?
[Full text for measure M not available]

    Votes yes: 11609
    Votes no:  18611


Measure N

City of Scotts Valley
City of Scotts Valley transient occupancy tax

Shall the City of Scotts Valley adopt an ordinance amending Section 3.24.030 of the Municipal Code raising the transient occupancy tax rate from 10% to 11%?
[Full text for measure N not available]

    Votes yes: 4038
    Votes no:  1894


Measure O

City of Watsonville
City of Watsonville transient occupancy tax

To protect the quality of life in Watsonville by supporting police, fire, emergency services, parks and recreation, economic development, job creation, and essential city services; shall the City of Watsonville be authorized to levy an additional one percent of Transient Occupancy Tax on people staying at lodging facilities in the City?
[Full text for measure O not available]

    Votes yes: 8044
    Votes no:  2612


Measure P

La Selva Beach Park District
La Selva Beach Recreation parcel tax

To correct structural flaws in the La Selva Beach Clubhouse that, 80 years after construction, are causing deflection in the roof and a wall to bow; to upgrade and maintain District facilities; secure ADA compliance; and to qualify for potential state grants: shall La Selva Beach Recreation District levy a temporary parcel tax on properties in the District, $50 yearly for a period of 7 years, raising approximately $40,000 annually, with no funds used for administrative salaries or benefits?
[Full text for measure P not available]

    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 783
    Votes no:  783

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