Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

2016 June 7th - Primary Election


Measure J

Lakeside Joint School District
Lakeside Joint School District parcel tax

To preserve quality education for all students in Lakeside Joint School District, maintain specialized training for teachers, provide comprehensive science programs, update classroom technology, and protect quality academic programs for elementary and middle school students, shall the Lakeside Joint School District be authorized to implement an annual education parcel tax of $820 for ten years, with citizens' oversight, exemptions available for senior citizens, no funds for administrators' salaries, every dollar spent on students and cannot be taken away by the State?
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    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 603
    Votes no:  321

Note: Santa Cruz County voters: 405 yes; 217 no.


Measure Q

Cabrillo Community College District
Cabrillo Community College bond measure

CABRILLO COLLEGE TECHNOLOGY, JOB TRAINING, CLASSROOM REPAIR MEASURE. To repair/upgrade classrooms to better prepare students, veterans, workers for good jobs/university transfer by upgrading aging classrooms, technology/science labs, repairing outdated, deteriorating wiring, sewer lines, improving campus safety, handicapped accessibility, increasing water conservation/energy efficiency, and acquiring, constructing, repairing sites/facilities/equipment, shall Cabrillo Community College District issue $310,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, no funding administrators' salaries/pensions, requiring independent audits, and all funds used locally?
[Full text for measure Q]

    Failed. (55% majority required)
    Votes yes: 48454
    Votes no:  41959

Note: Santa Cruz County voters: 46930 yes; 40681 no. San Benito County voters: 235 yes; 174 no. Monterey County voters: 1289 yes, 1104 no.


Measure R

Live Oak School District
Live Oak School District parcel tax

To protect quality education with funds that cannot be taken away by the State, including science, art, music, reading, math and tutoring programs, attract and retain qualified teachers, support library services, and preserve small class sizes and after school programs to keep children safe, shall Live Oak School District renew its existing annual education parcel tax at $98, for twelve years, with exemptions for senior citizens, citizen oversight, mandatory audits and no money for administrative salaries?
[Full text for measure R]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 6247
    Votes no:  1549


Measure S

Santa Cruz Libraries Facilities Financing Authority Community Facilities District No. 2016-1
Community Facilities District library bond

To modernize, upgrade and repair local libraries in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Live Oak, Scotts Valley, Boulder Creek, Capitola, Felton and La Selva Beach -- replace failing roofs, outdated bathrooms, electrical systems/structurally damaged facilities; support growing use by children, seniors, veterans and others; expand access to modern technology; and construct/expand facilities where necessary; shall Santa Cruz Libraries Facilities Financing Authority issue $67,000,000 in bonds for Santa Cruz Libraries Facilities Financing Authority Community Facilities District No. 2016-1; levy a special tax annually on parcels within the Community Facilities District; establish an initial appropriations limit; and assure mandatory accountability?
[Full text for measure S]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 57788
    Votes no:  24321

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