Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

2008 November 4th - General Election

Measure Title Result
A Parcel Tax Approved
B Communications Users Tax Ordinance - Sa... Failed
C Tax on City Telephone Subscribers Failed
D Sales Tax Extension Approved
E Clean Rivers, Beaches and Ocean Tax Approved
F Increase in Number of Board Members Approved


Measure A

Live Oak School District
Parcel Tax

Live Oak School District Education Improvement Measure. To improve education, including science, art and music, provide reading and math tutoring programs, attract and retain qualified teachers, keep school libraries open, preserve small class sizes, and provide after school programs to keep children safe, shall Live Oak School District be authorized to implement an annual $84 education parcel tax for nine years, exempting senior citizens, with citizen oversight, mandatory audits, no money for administrative salaries and all money directly benefiting local schools?
[Full text for measure A]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 7807
    Votes no:  2323


Measure B

Santa Cruz County
Communications Users Tax Ordinance - Santa Cruz County Unincorporated Area

Shall the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors repeal the existing Emergency Response Fee on telephone land lines that currently finances 9-1-1 services, and be authorized to replace the fee with a tax in the same amount per access line on land lines and cellular lines in the unincorporated area of the County so as to enable the Board of Supervisors to allocate additional funding for public services including public safety and 9-1-1 services?
[Full text for measure B]

    Votes yes: 31313
    Votes no:  32501


Measure C

City of Watsonville
Tax on City Telephone Subscribers

Shall the City replace the existing 911 Emergency Response Fee now paid by Watsonville residents on City telephone land lines with a general tax on City telephone subscribers of the same amount of $2.05 per month? The tax would reduce future budget cuts and allow the City Council to provide additional funding to public safety including the 911 Emergency Center and other General Fund programs.
[Full text for measure C]

    Votes yes: 5110
    Votes no:  5760


Measure D

City of Capitola
Sales Tax Extension

Shall the 2004 City of Capitola sales tax increase of one quarter of one percent, which is scheduled to sunset in 2010, be extended until December 31, 2017, in order to maintain general services including public safety and street improvements?
[Full text for measure D]

    Votes yes: 3317
    Votes no:  1721


Measure E

City of Santa Cruz
Clean Rivers, Beaches and Ocean Tax

To protect public health and the environment by reducing pollution, trash, toxics and dangerous bacteria in our river, bay and ocean; helping to keep beaches clean; protecting fish and wildlife habitat; shall the City of Santa Cruz adopt a Clean River, Beaches and Ocean Tax, with revenues spent locally under independent citizen oversight? The annual rates will be $28 for single-family parcels, $94 for other developed parcels, and $10 for undeveloped parcels.
[Full text for measure E]

    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 23112
    Votes no:  7200


Measure F

Boulder Creek Fire District
Increase in Number of Board Members

Shall the Board of Directors of the Boulder Creek Fire Protection District increase the number of its board members from three to five?
[Full text for measure F]

    Votes yes: 3559
    Votes no:  1285

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