Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

2006 November 7th - General Election

Measure Title Result
G Minimum Wage Initiative Failed
H Sales Tax Replacement Approved
I Ordinance to Promote Sustainable Growth ... Approved
J Charter Amendment Pertaining to Expansio... Approved
K Adult Marijuana Criminal Offenses - Low... Approved
L Sales Tax Approved
M Retirement Tax Repeal Rate Approved
N Bond Measure Failed


Measure G

City of Santa Cruz
Minimum Wage Initiative

Shall the City adopt an ordinance requiring employers in the City of Santa Cruz to pay a minimum wage of $9.25 per hour rather than the $6.75 per hour minimum wage required by State law?
[Full text for measure G]

    Votes yes: 8693
    Votes no:  13571


Measure H

City of Santa Cruz
Sales Tax Replacement

Shall the one-quarter of one percent City of Santa Cruz General Fund sales tax that was approved in 2004 for a five-year period be replaced with a one-half of one percent General Fund sales tax for local use only, without a sunset provision, to help limit future budget cuts, repair the City's streets, support public safety, and provide additional security and maintenance for City parks?
[Full text for measure H]

    Votes yes: 12310
    Votes no:  8901


Measure I

City of Santa Cruz
Ordinance to Promote Sustainable Growth by Opposing the Negative Impacts of Proposed University Growth

Shall the Santa Cruz Municipal Code be amended to add an ordinance that promotes sustainable growth in the City by opposing the negative impacts of proposed University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) growth and by prohibiting the City from providing services to the University necessary for University expansion until the University has fully implemented mitigation measures intended to offset the negative environmental impacts that will otherwise result from that expansion?
[Full text for measure I]

    Votes yes: 16486
    Votes no:  5021


Measure J

City of Santa Cruz
Charter Amendment Pertaining to Expansion of City of Santa Cruz Water and Sewer Service Areas

In order to preserve the City's limited remaining water capacity that is available to current utility users and to conserve capacity in the City's wastewater treatment plant, shall the City of Santa Cruz Charter be amended to require a vote of the people before the City Council will be allowed to initiate an annexation to the City's water service area or sewer service area?
[Full text for measure J]

    Votes yes: 16585
    Votes no:  4152


Measure K

City of Santa Cruz
Adult Marijuana Criminal Offenses - Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Initiative

Shall the Santa Cruz Municipal Code be amended by adding an ordinance that requires Santa Cruz police officers and other law enforcement officers in the City of Santa Cruz to make enforcement of state and federal laws pertaining to the distribution, sale, cultivation or use of marijuana by adults their lowest law enforcement priority?
[Full text for measure K]

    Votes yes: 13969
    Votes no:  7900


Measure L

City of Watsonville
Sales Tax

In order to maintain critical City services such as police, parks, fire and community services, neighborhood crime prevention, building code enforcement, gang prevention programs, road and pothole repair and other services provided by the City of Watsonville, shall the sales tax in Watsonville be increased by one quarter of one percent (0.25%) to be effective if the voters also cap the City's retirement tax collection rate at 7.7 cents per $100.00 of assessed value?
[Full text for measure L]

    Votes yes: 4159
    Votes no:  2776


Measure M

City of Watsonville
Retirement Tax Repeal Rate

Shall the City of Watsonville amend Subdivision (b) of Section 1122 of Article XI of the Charter of the City of Watsonville by adding a new Subdivision (3) which caps the retirement tax rate at 7.7 cents per $100.00 of assessed value, to be effective on July 1, 2007, if the voters also approve a one quarter of one percent (0.25%) sales tax increase?
[Full text for measure M]

    Votes yes: 3477
    Votes no:  3346


Measure N

Scotts Valley Fire Protection District
Bond Measure

Shall the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District be authorized to issue general obligation bonds (no bond exceeding 30 years from issuance) in a principal amount not exceeding $5,200,000, bearing interest at legal rates, to assist in constructing a new fire station, pay costs of issuance, and levy an ad valorem tax on taxable property in the District at a rate sufficient to pay for the bonds and the administration thereof?
[Full text for measure N]

    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 3874
    Votes no:  3537

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