Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

1993 November 2nd - Special Election


Measure P

Santa Cruz County
Countywide Contingency Sales (Transaction and Use) Tax

If, and only if, Statewide Proposition 172 is not approved by the voters of California, shall the County of Santa Cruz continue the existing level of sales tax in order to support local government services including those of the County District Attorney, County Sheriff, County Probation Officer, County Fire Protection Services, and other public services for the general good of the citizenry by levying, within the boundaries of Santa Cruz County, a 1/2 percent local sales tax to replace an existing 1/2 percent State sales tax?
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    Votes yes: 31427
    Votes no:  29894

Note: Received majority, but Proposition 172 was approved, so did not take effect.

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