Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

1992 April 14th - Special Election


Measure A

City of Capitola
Low-income Housing

In June of 1978, the City's electorate authorized up to 25 dwelling units for living accommodations for low-income families and for the blind, elderly and disabled. Shall that authorization be increased by 25 units for a total authorization of 50 such units?
Please note: No vote count and no result currently available for Measure A.
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    No result.
    Votes yes: 0
    Votes no:  0


Measure B

Live Oak Elementary School District

Shall the Live Oak Elementary School District of Santa Cruz County incur a bonded indebtedness and be authorized to issue and sell bonds for the following purposes (which are hereby united and shall be voted upon as one single proposition): the building of Shoreline Middle School, including classrooms, library, multi-purpose facilities, restrooms, auxiliary facilities, and appurtenant landscaping and infrastructure improvements to serve grades six, seven, and eight; the making of alterations or additions to any school building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; and the repairing, restoring, or rebuilding of any school building damaged, injured, or destroyed by fire or other public calamity as provided in Education Code section 15100 in the amount of Nine Million Dollars ($9,000,000) at a rate of interest not to exceed twelve percent (12%) per annum?
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    Approved. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 1816
    Votes no:  735


Measure C

Soquel Union Elementary School District
Special Tax

To restore and maintain the quality of the education provided to the students within the Soquel Union Elementary School District, shall the Soquel Union Elementary School District levy a special tax of $35.00, said $35.00 to be adjusted annually in accordance with Consumer Price Index, on each parcel of land as defined within the District, developed and undeveloped, each year for five full fiscal years in order to provide any or all of the following: (1) to provide computers and technology at all schools in the District. (2) to expand library services at all schools in the District. (3) to provide counseling services at all schools in the District. (4) for maintenance projects and repairs at all school sites in the District. (5) to provide classroom instructional materials. The term 'parcel' shall mean any parcel of land, developed or undeveloped, wholly or partially located within the District, for which the Santa Cruz County Assessor has assigned an assessor's identification number. Pursuant to California Government Code section 50079(b), any owners, 65 years of age or older, of a parcel used solely for owner-occupied single family residential purposes may obtain an exemption from the special tax upon approval of an application submitted to the Governing Board of the District."
[Full text for measure C]

    Failed. (2/3 majority required)
    Votes yes: 2506
    Votes no:  1729

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