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Library Services

Overdue or Lost Items

Overdue Notices

Borrowers will receive notices via text or email, depending on account preferences. Notices are sent following this schedule:

  • Courtesy Reminder Notice: sent 3 days before due date
  • First Overdue: sent 3 days after due date
  • Second Overdue: sent 14 days after due date
  • Final Bill: sent 28 days after due date
  • Item Returned Damaged or Incomplete: sent by staff at time item is returned
  • Item Claims Returned, Not Found: sent by staff after 4 month search period

The Library mails paper notices to borrowers who do not provide an email address only for the Second Overdue, Final Bill, Item Returned Damaged or Incomplete, and Item Claims Returned, Not Found notices.

All library noticing is done as a courtesy. Failure to receive a library notice for whatever reason does not mitigate your responsibility or obligations regarding the borrowing and use of materials.

Finding Out What You Have Overdue or Lost

Titles of overdue or lost items are given on mailed and emailed notices. You may also find out the titles of your overdue or lost items by accessing your library account online. Overdue items are listed under "Items Checked Out" and lost items are listed with the other fees under "Fines" in the My Account area.


Library materials are checked out for three weeks. The fine rate for all patrons, including children, is $.25 per item per day for all items in the Adult Collection. Items in the Kids and Young Adult Collections do not accrue overdue fines. Fines are assessed on a daily basis if the item has not been returned or renewed by 11:59 pm on the due date.

The maximum fine per item is $7.00. Accounts are blocked from checking out additional items when the balance owed on the account reaches $10.00.

Excessive Fines

Borrowers with excessive fines will be blocked from borrowing items. In addition, the Library System may turn delinquent adult accounts ($50 or more owed over 90 days) to a service agency for collection with an additional debt service fee of $20 added to their account.

You have the option to contact the library and establish a payment plan prior to the debt collection assignment to avoid the debt service fee.

Fines for Children

The fine rate for children is $.25 per item per day for Adult Collection items only; items in the Kids and Young Adult Collections are not fined for becoming overdue. Fines are assessed on a daily basis if the item has not been returned or renewed by 11:59 pm on the due date. The maximum overdue fine is $7.00 per item. Like adult borrowers, children with excessive fines will be blocked from borrowing items.

Lost Items

All borrowers, adults and children, must pay for lost items. When materials are lost, the borrower pays the library's replacement cost, which is the purchase price for the item.

Lost item fees are assessed when items are 28 days overdue. The lost fee is reduced to the maximum overdue fee ($7) if an item is returned within two years of the due date.

Damaged Items

The Library charges damaged item fees up to the replacement cost of the item. The amount depends on the type of damage and whether the item can continue to circulate. Items returned with missing parts or damaged are held at the branch they are returned for one month to allow for missing items to be returned and for borrowers to review the damages on assessed items.


If you find a lost item after paying for it, you may request a refund on the item provided it is returned within six months from the payment and no more than two years from the last due date. Overdue fees owed on the item and any outstanding bills on your account will be deducted from the refund amount.

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