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Group Homes for Children with Disabilities

Agency-owned or operated facilities that provide an alternative living environment for children and youth with developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disabilities, emotional problems or multiple disabilities who are in need of personal services, supervision and/or assistance essential for self-protection or sustaining the activities of daily living and who are unable to live with their own or a foster family. Residents often attend on-grounds schools or public schools and also receive services that focus on the development of self-help, self-care, socialization, prevocational and independent living skills. Group homes for children with disabilities are licensed by the state/province and may be distinguished according to the level of service residents require. Service levels depend on the self-care skills residents possess, their limitations in the areas of physical coordination and mobility, and the presence and extent of behavior problems including disruptive or self-injurious behavior.

Taxonomy Code: PF-700.150-20

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