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HSA Alcohol and Drug Services

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General Agency Information
Name: HSA Alcohol and Drug Services
Alternate Name(s): Behavioral Health Division
Health Services Agency Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
Address: 1400 Emeline Avenue
Santa Cruz,  CA  95060
Driving Directions
Contact Information
Primary Phone: 831-454-4050
Fax: 831-454-4747
TDD/TDY: 831-454-4748
Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8-4
Description: Treatment and early intervention objectives include reduction of substance abuse and criminality while increasing employment, educational achievement and health, and promoting family well-being. In addition to the programs listed below, the Alcohol and Drug Program Administration also provides county-wide support and monitoring of contract prevention and treatment services.
Mission: The mission of the Alcohol and Drug Program is to provide opportunities to the diverse population of Santa Cruz County for the education about, prevention of, intervention into, and the recovery from substance use related problems.
CalWORKs Case Management
Call 454-4188 or 454-3487 (North County)
763-8865 (South County)
Detention Youth Services
call 454-3828
Drinking Driver Program
Call 454-4110 (see related link below)
Deferred Judgment Drug Programs
Call 454-4110
Santa Cruz Friday Night Live & Club Live
Call 454-2582 (South County)
454-5483 (North County)
The Seven Challenges (teen alcohol/drug issues).
Call 454-5483
Publications: Educational materials
Languages other than English: Spanish
Accommodations for Disabled Persons: Parking & Wheelchair Access
Public Transportation: Available Within One Block
Eligibility: Public Service
Fees: Sliding Scale
Areas Served: Santa Cruz County
Physical Location: Santa Cruz
Funding Source: County Government
Federal Government
State Government
Subject Headings
Subject Headings: Alcohol Abuse Education/Prevention
Alcohol/Drug Impaired Driving Prevention
Drug Abuse Education/Prevention
DUI Offender Programs
Government Agencies
Health Education
Information and Referral
Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups
Substance Abuse Counseling
Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention
Substance Abuse Day Treatment
Substance Abuse Drop In Services
Substance Abuse Education/Prevention
Substance Abuse Intervention Programs
Substance Abuse Services
Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
This agency was last updated on June 23, 2020.