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Fiona's Family House

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Name: Fiona's Family House
Address: 1740 17th Avene
Santa Cruz,  CA  95062
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Description: We are a movement dedicated to creating resources and a community of intentional healing and systemic change for young adults living with an advanced cancer diagnosis, their families, and their children. We intend to alter the scope of services in Santa Cruz County by educating physicians and service providers to enhance their understanding of the unique challenges that affect young adult cancer warriors and their families. In time, Santa Cruz County will become known for specializing in the treatment of a growing niche of patients.

Our ultimate goal is to serve as a central hub for healing resources, end of life planning, childcare, respite, family support, friendship, food, and fun. Through strong connections with countywide medical services, advocacy groups, complimentary organizations, professional training institutions and legal resources, our organization will be a hub for local resources; patients will no longer need to spread themselves thin by traveling all over to access help and treatment.

Fiona's Family House envisions a community that is educated about the gaps in services for young adults with advanced cancer, and that has a well-trained a group of volunteer/intern professionals representing multiple specialties available to fill the holes of previously unmet needs.

We foresee a day when young adults living with their diagnoses are empowered and able to be active in the meaningful parts of their lives, and are supported financially to live free from fiscal debt and undue worry about medical bills and supportive therapies.

We will accomplish this by awarding grant funds to those who need assistance and by opening a center for rest while children are well cared for and among friends, where families form forever relationships with new allies, and where patients safely discuss and plan for a future without them.

Fiona's Family House enables a transition back to our roots, when multi-generational families lived together in community with others. In this environment, children were exposed to the life cycle, including illness and death, and their emotional processes around the loss of a family member were supported by the community.

It is in this healing space where deep interpersonal transformation happens and needed practical support helps young adults and their families adjust to a new unexpected trajectory.

ELIGIBILITY: Young adult, defined loosely as 19-39 with an advanced cancer diagnosis, or a family member/support person to a young adult with an advanced cancer diagnosis.
Mission: The mission of Fiona's Family House is to inspire radical change in the scope of medical and support services for young adults living with advanced cancer in Santa Cruz County.
Volunteer Info: We are seeking volunteers to connect us with medical groups, to participate in advocacy, to help grow our project through fundraising, and to share personal stories about how young adult cancer has touched them personally.
Languages other than English: None
Accommodations for Disabled Persons: Not Applicable
Public Transportation: Not Applicable
Eligibility: See Description Notes
Fees: See website
Areas Served: Santa Cruz County
Funding Source: Fundraising
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Subject Headings: Cancer
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This agency was last updated on August 7, 2018.