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General Agency Information
Name: Amy's Access Reports
Alternate Name(s): Amys Access Reports
Contact Information
Description: A nationwide free-membership website reviewing businesses based on accessibility and customer service for people with special needs.

The motto in the disability world is "never about us without us." People with disabilities are the target group, but the appeal is to everyone for the simple fact that everyone can become "disabled" at any point in their lives, which is why I feel this site will be a ""must-have"" tool for the new or temporarily disabled learning to adapt to a new environment.

The goal of is to become a community-based awareness site that is based in opinion and an evolving understanding of what accessibility means in America. Therefore, I encourage people without disabilities to become members of the site as well. I want people from all backgrounds to be able to become members, to read reviews and express opinions, for it is when we all come together that we truly begin to understand.
Mission: The mission statement for the company is not based on anger or negativity, but based on the idea of giving a concrete definition to the word accessible. People with disabilities (after the 1980s) are numb to the phrase "yes, it's accessible", knowing that accessible is a broad term around the country. My goal for the site is to let the viewers know what accessible means for the particular place they are traveling to and to give a better idea of what to expect; to try to eliminate the voice that says "but is it really accessible?" and to give the viewer a chance to assess the situation before traveling to a location.
Languages other than English: None
Accommodations for Disabled Persons: Not Applicable
Public Transportation: Not Applicable
Eligibility: Open to All
Fees: None
Areas Served: United States
Funding Source: Proceeds from Sales
Officials/Contact Persons
Officials: Amy Sheppard
Subject Headings
Subject Headings: Accessibility Information
ADA Accessibility Compliance
This agency was last updated on March 12, 2018.