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Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

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General Agency Information
Name: Campaign for Sustainable Transportation
Address: PO Box: 7927
Santa Cruz,  CA  95061
Contact Information
Description: The Campaign for Sensible Transportation is a group of individuals and organizations focused on Santa Cruz County transportation policies and issues.

We support:

Land use decisions that encourage compact development rather than sprawl to improve people's access to their jobs, school, shopping, recreation, and social life.

Measures to protect and increase the supply of affordable housing near jobs to reduce demand for motorized transportation and encourage stable and healthy communities.

Good transit and active transportation infrastructure to enable households to be car-free or car-light, making our community more affordable and reducing our carbon footprint.

Making streets and pathways safe for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to zero serious pedestrian and bicycle injuries and foster more daily exercise.
Mission: The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation is group of volunteers dedicated to making Santa Cruz County a place where everyone in our diverse community can access their needs and activities in a way that is safe, affordable, convenient and sustainable for future generations.
Languages other than English: None
Accommodations for Disabled Persons: None
Public Transportation: Available Within Four Blocks
Eligibility: Not Applicable
Fees: None
Areas Served: Santa Cruz County
Subject Headings
Subject Headings: Transportation Issues
This agency was last updated on August 8, 2018.