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Requesting Library Items

All items which appear in the Library's online catalog, except reference books, special collections, and other types of in-library-use-only materials, can be reserved for you. A request can be used to hold an item for you when it is returned or to transfer an item from one branch library to another one that is more convenient for you. Requests are filled in order by date requested. Borrowers may have up to 15 current requests on their library account.

Placing a Request

You may place requests for items listed in the online catalog in any one of the following ways:

  • in person at a branch library
  • by calling Telephone Reference (427-7713)
  • online, using the Web-based online catalog. For detailed instructions see our Placing a Request tutorial

When Your Request Comes In

You will be notified by the noticing option you have selected when an item is in and being held for you. You can also check by accessing your Library account online. If you no longer want the item or can't pick it up by the date shown, call your branch library to cancel the request or cancel it online from your library account. See branch information for phone numbers. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CANCEL A REQUEST BY REPLYING TO THE EMAIL NOTIFICATION WHICH YOU RECEIVED.

Requesting Magazines

Magazines that may be checked out may also be reserved. You can place magazine requests in person at any of the branch libraries.

Is There a Charge?

Our Request Service is free for items that the Library owns or decides to purchase.

What About Books the Library Doesn't Own?

Due to budget constraints, we are currently unable to process interlibrary loan requests. You may, however, send us an email to let us know you are interested in a particular item.

Available at these branch libraries:

  • Available at all branches

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