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SCPL Book Discussion Kit

To help your book discussion group, we've gathered a collection of popular paperback titles and sorted them into kits. We can send a kit to you upon request. Each kit is put into a canvas bag and contains paperback copies of the selected title, information about the author and a list of possible discussion topics.

The Kits

There are at least 5 copies of the book in each kit. At this time, we have over a hundred kits for you to choose from.

To Obtain a Kit

Once your book group has decided on a title, you can obtain a kit by placing a request on it through our online catalog, or by calling our Telephone Reference service at 427-7713. The kit will be checked out on the card of the person who requested it. The person checking out the kit may choose a due date for the kit — up to 3 months from the day they check it out. Kits can be sent to any library branch in the Santa Cruz Public Library system.

If a Book is Lost

If your group happens to lose a book, we ask that you replace it with another paperback copy of the book, new or second hand, that is clean and readable.

How Your Book Discussion Group Can Help

You can help us build our Book Group Discussion Kits collection by donating paperback copies of books your group has read (see our wish list for titles that we are currently collecting). This will be a great way for area groups to share not just the titles of what they've read and enjoyed, but the books themselves. Drop off copies of your book discussion books at any Santa Cruz Public Library location. Be sure to mention that they are for the Book Discussion Kits.

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