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  • Easter Desserts and Sweet Treats to Bake with Teens
    Cooking and baking can help involve teens in the Easter celebration. Although some teens may be interested in helping you create an Easter dinner, other teens might be more interested in baking the Easter dessert. Here are some fun treats that teens can bake:
    • Easter Cupcakes - These Easter Egg cupcakes are fun for teens to bake and decorate.
    • Easter Basket Cake - This adorable Easter Basket cake involves candy bars, jelly beans, and marshmallow chicks or bunnies.
    • Flower Garden Cake- This flower garden cake is the perfect way to celebrate spring. You can even personalize it with photo flowers to make it a truly unique piece.
    • Sunflower Cake - This sunflower cake is super easy and serves as a beautiful centerpiece. Use yellow marshmallow chicks and some chocolate chips to turn a round cake into a sunflower.
    • Bunny Cake - This bunny cake takes a little more work than some of the other desserts but the end result is worth the effort. It comes with step-by-step photo instructions to help you out along the way.
    [Sat, April 12]

  • Ways to Celebrate Easter with Teens

    While many teens have outgrown traditional Easter egg hunts, there are still lots of ways to get teens involved in Easter celebrations. If your family has any particular religious or spiritual beliefs about Easter, get your teen involved in attending services. Talk about your beliefs and give your teen an opportunity to ask questions.

    There are lots of other ways in which you can get your teen involved in celebrating Easter, whether it's decorating, cooking, or baking. You can also create a more "mature" Easter egg hunt. Get your teens friends involved and hide eggs at night and allow them to use flashlights to find the eggs.

    If you're struggling to find some Easter gifts for your teen, here are over 100 Easter basket ideas for teens. Also, consider using these coupons as an inexpensive and fun alternative to chocolate and candy.

    You can also use Easter as an opportunity to encourage teens to volunteer time or gifts to others. Fill Easter baskets for children at a local homeless shelter or donate to a charity that helps children in need. It can be a great opportunity to encourage teens to be grateful for what they already have and remember those who aren't as fortunate.

    [Sat, April 12]