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  • Summer Camp Turns Teens into Entrepreneurs

    Forbes recently shared an article about David Fagan, who runs a summer camp that teaches teens how to become entrepreneurs. For $3,000 teens spend a week learning how to start a successful business.

    And there have been some teens who have turned what they learned at summer camp into successful startups. Houston Gunn, a former camp attendee, raised money to write two books and start his own magazine. He's launched a national PR campaign and has received endorsements from the Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and Donald Trump. He'll even be returning to camp again this year to talk with other teens.

    If your teen isn't likely to find a summer job, or he has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, consider allowing him to open his own business this summer. And if you can't afford to send him to summer camp, there are other ways to support him in his endeavors. Find him a mentor, give him books to read, or help him find ways to turn his ideas into a profitable business.

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  • Overweight Teens are More Likely to be Rejected by Thin Peers

    Health problems aren't the only problems overweight teens experience. A new study by Arizona State University found that overweight teens are likely to be rejected by normal weight peers.

    As a result of this peer rejection, many overweight teens seek friendship from other overweight peers only. Unfortunately, the rejection and social issues can be very problematic. Teens with fewer social relationships may experience higher rates of depression.

    A teen may be embarrassed to talk about peer rejection or bullying so it's important for parents to be aware of this potential issue, even if teens aren't bringing up the subject first.

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