Endangered Species in Santa Cruz County - Status Key 'E'

18 species have the selected status...

  • Ben Lomond Spineflower
    "The Ben Lomond spineflower is a small annual herb in the buckwheat family; it is ..."
  • Brown Pelican
    "The adult brown pelican is a large dark gray-brown water bird with white about the ..."
  • California Clapper Rail
    "The California Clapper Rail lives year-round in coastal wetlands and brackish areas around San Francisco, ..."
  • Coho Salmon
    "Coho smolts generally migrate to the open ocean in the spring of their second year. ..."
  • Mount Hermon June Beetle
    "The Mt. Hermon June Beetle is a member of the family Scarabaeidae, a group containing ..."
  • Ohlone Tiger Beetle
    "Tiger beetles are day-active insects that prey on small arthropods; because many tiger beetles feed ..."
  • Robust Spineflower
    "The Robust Spineflower is an annual herb, member of the buckwheat family; native to California ..."
  • San Francisco garter snake
    "The San Francisco Garter Snake is a colorful garter snake, averaging 2-3 ft. in length. ..."
  • Santa Cruz Cypress
    "A member of the coniferous cypress family, the Santa Cruz Cypress is a tree ranging ..."
  • Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander
    "The Santa Cruz long-toed salamander is a relatively small (four to 12 inches), black salamander ..."
  • Santa Cruz Tarplant
    "Santa Cruz Tarplant is a spreading, aromatic and glandular annual herb in the sunflower family ..."
  • Santa Cruz Wallflower
    "Also known as the Ben Lomond Wallflower, this is a short-lived perennial plant, or occasionally ..."
  • Scotts Valley Polygonum
    "The Scotts Valley Polygonum (also known as Hickman's Knotweed) is a small, erect, taprooted annual ..."
  • Scotts Valley Spineflower
    "A short-lived annual species in the buckwheat family, the Scotts Valley Spineflower is a low-growing ..."
  • Smith's Blue Butterfly
    "Smith's Blue Butterfly historically ranged along the coast from Monterey Bay south to Point Gorda, ..."
  • Tidewater Goby
    "The Tidewater Goby is a small, 2-inch long, bottom-dwelling fish with large fins, a ventral ..."
  • White-Rayed Pentachaeta
    "The White-rayed Pentachaeta (also known as the White-rayed Pygmy Daisy) is an annual herb in ..."
  • Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper
    "The Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper is a smaller species of grasshopper, typically brownish-grey with bluish hind ..."

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E — Endangered

T — Threatened

CH — Critical Habitat

PE — Taxa proposed for listing as endangered

PT — Taxa proposed for listing as threatened

PCH — Critical habitat which has been proposed

C — Candidate species for which the Fish and Wildlife Service has on file sufficient information on the biological vulnerability and threats to support proposals to list as endangered or threatened