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Ice dreams

Twelve kinds of ice

Title: Twelve kinds of ice
By: Ellen Bryan Obed

This beautiful little book will capture the imagination of children and adults who haven’t experienced snowy, icy winters, and will bring back frosty memories to those who have. It starts with the first ice of the season: a sheer layer covering the sheep’s pail, so delicate that it breaks when ... [Read more]

kids fiction

Everything a reader could wish for

The Squire's Tale

Title: The Squire's Tale
By: Gerald Morris

The Squire's Tale series* has everything a reader could wish for: action, adventure, humor, romance, heroes in disguise, damsels in distress (who usually take care of themselves), overbearing villains, magic, and revenge. These are the tales of King Arthur and his knights as you've never seen them before. In this ... [Read more]

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Back in Black

The Princess in Black and the perfect princess party

Title: The Princess in Black and the perfect princess party
By: Shannon Hale

It is Princess Magnolia’s birthday. All her princess friends attend her party, but she keeps disappearing to answer the monster alarm. After all, as Princess in Black, monsters must be fought. The guests don’t notice how often the birthday girl leaves her party—except for Princess Sneezewort, who is getting suspicious. ... [Read more]

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Princess in action

The Princess in Black

Title: The Princess in Black
By: Shannon Hale

Princess Magnolia may seem like a proper princess who likes to wear pink and be ladylike, but when her glittery pink ring sounds the alarm, she transforms herself into the monster fighting hero: Princess in Black! Atop her trusty horse, Blackie, our royal hero rides into action with each turn ... [Read more]

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The importance of knowing one's letters

Fly by night

Title: Fly by night
By: Frances Hardinge

Twelve-year-old Mosca Mye lives in a land superficially similar to, but also fantastically divergent from, England in the early 1700s. Parliament has reached an uneasy compromise with the many factions of resurgent Royalists (each supporting a different would-be-monarch) after deposing and beheading the previous King. Monotheist fanaticism has had its ... [Read more]

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It's not easy

The Weight of Water

Title: The Weight of Water
By: Sarah Crossan

It's not easy moving to a new country, learning a new language, changing schools, making new friends, getting a new name because the teacher can't pronounce your given name. It's especially not easy when you are 12 going on 13 and your father has disappeared, maybe to the country you ... [Read more]

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Letters from camp

Title: Letters from camp
By: Kate Klise

When three sets of brothers and sisters set foot at Camp Happy Harmony in Missouri, little do they realize that there’s more going on there than meets the eye. The camp is run by six siblings who, at one point, were a famous singing group— The Harmony Family Singers. At ... [Read more]

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A friend to wish for

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief

Title: Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief
By: Wendelin Van Draanen

What would you do if you were stuck in your grandmother’s apartment for the day? People watch, of course. This is exactly what Sammy Keyes is doing when she spots a man taking money out of someone’s room at the Heavenly Hotel. Sammy knows she should call the police, but ... [Read more]

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Not his story


Title: Scarlet
By: A. C. Gaughen

It’s the story of Robin Hood, but it’s not his story. Instead the protagonist is Will Scarlet, but in a way we’ve never seen him before. This time around, he’s a she, and she’s every bit the thief of legend that we’ve heard about. Gaughen does a wonderful job writing ... [Read more]

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Drink Me

The Apothecary

Title: The Apothecary
By: Maile Meloy

Move over Harry, Ron, and Hermione; meet Benjamin, Janie, and Pip. But there are no wands here and no parallel otherworlds; just cold, battle-scarred, postwar London... as well as an ancient tome, shadow government, and a secret alchemical tradition in which the exquisite transformation of matter is not only possible ... [Read more]

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Legend #1

The White Giraffe

Title: The White Giraffe
By: Lauren St. John

The White Giraffe is Lauren St. John’s first children’s book, and the first of a series of four novels now known as “The Legend of the Animal Healer.” The idea for this book came to St. John, who now lives in London, as she recalled growing up on a game ... [Read more]

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It left me thinking long afterwards…

Liar & Spy

Title: Liar & Spy
By: Rebecca Stead

Rebecca Stead understands that the best spy stories leave you guessing right up to the end. This middle-grade story introduces the 12-year-old protagonist, Georges, a wonderfully quirky, underdog loner who is going through a big upheaval in his life. His father's lost his job, forcing the family to relocate to ... [Read more]

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Wildly original


Title: Wildwood
By: Colin Meloy

What would you do if your baby brother was abducted by a murder of crows and carried into the Impassable Wilderness, a swath of forest so thick that any who venture into it are neither seen nor heard from again? Why, you’d go after him, of course! But not before ... [Read more]

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The new kid is just like you, but it takes awhile to realize that.


Title: Wonder
By: R.J. Palacio

Wonder is a remarkable first novel by R. J. Palacio. We have it in J Fiction, but I highly recommend it for readers of any age. Auggie - a child with severe facial deformities - is about to enter fifth grade at Beecher Prep after being homeschooled and protected all ... [Read more]

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