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The outside circle

Title: The outside circle
By: Patti Laboucane-Benson

The Outside Circle is, simply put, amazing. It has what you'd expect of a great graphic novel—a wonderful story and lovely art—but what makes it stand out for me, someone who reads at least 2-3 graphic novels a week, is how it made me feel. All good graphic novels make ... [Read more]

graphic novel

Well worth the time

The Photographer

Title: The Photographer
By: Emmanuel Guibert

Twenty minutes into this review, and I still can't find just the right words to describe how I feel about what I've just finished reading. I just know I need to write a review, to inform people that this exists, and that it should be read. The Photographer is a ... [Read more]

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Real & fantastic

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Title: Hilda and the Midnight Giant
By: Luke Pearson

As Americans, we like to think of England as the bustling city of London surrounded by the rolling green hills of the countryside. The reality is different, of course, but it is easy to disconnect from that reality when we live an ocean and the width of a continent away ... [Read more]

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Bandette: in Presto!

Title: Bandette: in Presto!
By: Paul Tobin

If Catwoman and Batman had a daughter together, and that daughter was French, it's very possible you would get Bandette. A master class thief, yet interested in bringing justice to the "bad" criminals in Paris, Bandette is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Why does she do what she does? ... [Read more]

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Haunted unease

Raven Girl

Title: Raven Girl
By: Audrey Niffenegger

Raven Girl is an illustrated fairy tale for adults. Somehow, a postman and a raven have a child together. When the egg hatches, their daughter has the body of a human but can only speak in Raven. Her main goal in life is one day to be able to fly, ... [Read more]

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Are You My Mother? a comic drama

Title: Are You My Mother? a comic drama
By: Alison Bechdel

Are You My Mother? What an amazing find! I picked up this graphic narrative because the title evokes the children’s book classic Are You My Mother? in which a baby bird wanders around questioning everyone it meets. Bechdel’s cover art -- a vanity, makeup, jewelry -- is our first cue ... [Read more]

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Over the top?

The Making of

Title: The Making of
By: Brecht Evens

Peterson is a moderately successful artist who unwittingly agrees to participate in an installation for a sleepy village’s biennial. The other artists are dabblers and misfits who repeatedly frustrate Peterson’s attempts to make something serious out of the amateur festival. The story is rendered in lush, painstakingly detailed watercolor illustrations ... [Read more]

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Utterly mortal


Title: Goliath
By: Tom Gauld

This retelling of the David and Goliath Bible story is both a darkly funny tragedy and a masterful role reversal. Told largely with images, the story centers around Goliath, the giant, non-violent Philistine administrator who, through bad leadership, is placed in the front lines of war. The greatest feat of ... [Read more]

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Title: Habibi
By: Craig Thompson

Habibi is an Arabic word which means Beloved. This graphic novel is, quite simply, a masterpiece. Each page is gorgeously illustrated. It spans from ancient to modern times, weaving stories from the Qur'an and the Bible. It is at once heartbreaking and uplifting, beautiful and wretched. I highly recommend this. ... [Read more]

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