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The Coalwood Way

The Coalwood Way

Title: The Coalwood Way
By: Homer Hickam

Homer Hickam, of Coalwood, West Virginia “Rocket Boy” fame, cuts to the bone and reveals the frustrations and joys of his senior high school days. This autobiography rivals any other in the library’s collection, due to Hickam’s extraordinary recount of intricate conversations, a format that would satisfy fiction aficionados. Unbelievable ... [Read more]


This House of Sky

This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind

Title: This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind
By: Ivan Doig

Doig captures a dramatic time in the history of his people settling the wilds of Montana, where growing up, he coped with the death of his mother and relied upon the hard-scrabble genius of his father. "My father had a humor unusual in a tense man, a casual gift of ... [Read more]

non-fiction, history, biography

Redemption of Criminal Youth

Last Chance In Texas

Title: Last Chance In Texas
By: John Hubner

The most violent criminal youth find hope in an unlikely place, "punish-'em-hard" Texas, The Giddings School, where all-day, one-on-one and group therapy sessions led by dedicated professionals teach the juvenile offenders to take responsibility for their crimes and to develop empathy and compassion for others. Instead of coming back into ... [Read more]

non-fiction, history, teen fiction

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