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Over the top?

The Making of

Title: The Making of
By: Brecht Evens

Peterson is a moderately successful artist who unwittingly agrees to participate in an installation for a sleepy village’s biennial. The other artists are dabblers and misfits who repeatedly frustrate Peterson’s attempts to make something serious out of the amateur festival. The story is rendered in lush, painstakingly detailed watercolor illustrations ... [Read more]

graphic novel
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Utterly mortal


Title: Goliath
By: Tom Gauld

This retelling of the David and Goliath Bible story is both a darkly funny tragedy and a masterful role reversal. Told largely with images, the story centers around Goliath, the giant, non-violent Philistine administrator who, through bad leadership, is placed in the front lines of war. The greatest feat of ... [Read more]

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Not for the faint of heart

American Psycho

Title: American Psycho
By: Brett Easton Ellis

When a book incites controversy, as was the case with American Psycho when it was originally published in the early 90’s, my instinct is to read it. I am not a squeamish reader, and I decided that I could handle a novel that has been denounced as not only completely ... [Read more]

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