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"Dictionaries are like watches. The worst is better than none at all and even the best cannot be expected to run quite true."

— Samuel Johnson

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Fast-paced, darkly humorous, and fun

Rock Paper Tiger

Title: Rock Paper Tiger
By: Lisa Brackmann

In Rock Paper Tiger, we meet Ellie McEnroe Cooper, an American Iraq War veteran who has followed her husband and his job to Beijing. Ellie’s husband, also an Iraq War veteran, has fallen in love with a Chinese woman, and is asking for a divorce. Ellie cannot bring herself to ... [Read more]


A unique voice

The Woman Who Walked on Water

Title: The Woman Who Walked on Water
By: Lily Tuck

At the center of Lily Tuck 's captivating novel is Adele, an affluent housewife from suburban Connecticut. Following a “chance” meeting in Chartres Cathedral while on a family vacation, Adele forms a deep attachment to an Indian man who becomes her guru. From that initial encounter, Adele’s life is changed. ... [Read more]


Such A Pretty Face

The Wife's Tale

Title: The Wife's Tale
By: Lori Lansens

On the eve of her Silver Anniversary, Mary Gooch is 43-years old and weighs in at 302 pounds. Except for a brief period in high school when she is slender, carefree, and infected with an intestinal parasite, Mary has been uncontrollably hungry, victim of a monster, The Obeast, a term ... [Read more]


Amish Thriller Debut

Sworn to Silence

Title: Sworn to Silence
By: Linda Castillo

As a 14-year old Amish girl, Kate Burkholder survived a brutal rape by a serial murderer dubbed The Slaughterhouse Killer. Some years later, Kate left Painters Mill, Ohio, parting with her family and the Amish way of life. Returning at thirty-years of age as the new Chief of Police, Kate ... [Read more]

fiction, mystery

In the Land of Snow and Ice

Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name

Title: Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name
By: Vendela Vida

Clarissa Iverton is twenty-eight when her devoted father dies unexpectedly. Uncovering her birth certificate from her father's belongings, Clarissa learns that her biological father is registered as a Sami priest that her mother married in Lapland in a previous life. As Clarissa’s mother disappeared 14-years before, abandoning her and a ... [Read more]


Simulacrums and Secret Agents

Atmospheric Disturbances

Title: Atmospheric Disturbances
By: Rivka Galchen

When psychiatrist Leo Liebenstein’s beloved wife, Rema, is replaced by a double, Leo sets off on a journey to find the real Rema. His search takes him to Buenos Aires, then Patagonia, as Leo considers all physical and metaphysical possibilities for her disappearance. In desperation, Leo seeks the help of ... [Read more]


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