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Nothing to See Here

Title: Nothing to See Here
By: Kevin Wilson

In "Nothing to See Here" by Kevin Wilson, two girls with completely different backgrounds become close friends while attending a private high school and while their time together is cut short, they continue to correspond by letter. About 10 years later, they are reunited when the wealthy friend, Madison invites Lillian, still unhappily living with her mother, to come to her home and take care of Madison's two step children. Lillian's primary task is to manage the odd condition shared by the twins that causes them to spontaneously combust when they are upset thus threatening the status of their father who is a Senator and has higher political aspirations.

This is my favorite type of novel with a strong, female narrator whose matter of fact way of thinking is tinged with humor making the details of her difficult life tolerable. Here's an example:, "I lived with my mom and a rotating cast of her boyfriends, my father either dead or just checked out. My mother was vague about him, not a single picture. It seemed like maybe some Greek god had assumed the form of a black stallion and impregnated her before returning to his home atop Mount Olympus. More likely it was just a pervert in one of the fancy homes that my mom cleaned. Maybe he was some alderman in town, and I'd seen him all my life without knowing it. But I preferred to think he was dead, that he was wholly incapable of saving me from my unhappiness."

The story touches on friendship, love, families, social class and the responsibility of caring for children. Lillian's developing affection for her charges was described masterfully in such lines as "For a second, there was that weird flicker in her eyes, that wickedness that I loved, that I wanted to live inside. A wicked child was the most beautiful thing in the world"

There is a surprising twist that adds to the enjoyment of the story as we hope for the likeable, honest and compassionate Lillian to come out of this experience with what she needs.

Review by Jeanne

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Posted on Dec. 18, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

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