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Slippery slope

The Senility of Vladimir P.

Title: The Senility of Vladimir P.
By: Michael Honig

A fictional portrayal of Vladimir Putin in a future in which he develops dementia and is cared for at a private dacha by a principled yet naive nurse caregiver, Nicolai Sheremetev. We eavesdrop on Vladimir P.’s conversations with political cronies and enemies, which occur entirely in his mind. He is rarely lucid, often paranoid, and difficult to manage. Over time, Sheremetev learns that every staff person at the large dacha is on the take in one way or another, grafting off the quantities of food and services provided to run the operation. Eventually even the honest nurse himself is forced to commit a dastardly deed.

It’s not entirely accurate to say I loved reading this book. Really, I was appalled at the depth of corruption suggested. I must distinguish between a distaste for the situation and my intense appreciation of the writer’s skill. The slide down the slippery slope is so well-crafted by the author, and entirely topical. You could say this book asks the question: how might a leader, by his own example, ruin a country?

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Posted on June 4, 2018 at 1:03 a.m.

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