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A hilarious journey into first love

I believe in a thing called love

Title: I believe in a thing called love
By: Maureen Goo

Desi Lee has never had a boyfriend. She reasons that this is probably because she has been so busy with school and extracurricular activities. Desi’s friends, however, know that it’s because during times of pressure, she tends to crack. Her friends call these moments flailures. After one particularly spectacular flailure in a crowded school hallway, Desi holes up at home over the weekend watching Korean dramas with her dad. At first, she thinks that these dramas are overblown soap operas, and makes fun of her dad for watching them. But the more she watches, the more she realizes that the romances portrayed in the shows might actually help her come up with a plan to woo the new guy at school.

As with the shows, chaos ensues. Desi’s own “K-Drama” involves over-protective fathers, getting trapped on a boat, a probable love triangle, and art club. Over the course of these misadventures, Desi learns that in real life, feelings tend to get in the way of firmly laid plans.

I Believe in A Thing Called Love takes us on a hilarious journey into first love and that wild world we call high school.

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Posted on July 29, 2017 at 1:15 a.m.

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