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Different, modern, and a little dark

I am Princess X

Title: I am Princess X
By: Cherie Priest

Having already read and enjoyed Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker and Dreadnought (very steampunky and dark books), I was a little uncertain as I approached her first young adult novel, I am Princess X. As it turned out, though my concern about it being too dark was somewhat well founded, I really enjoyed the book. Of course, I personally prefer a bit of darkness to my plots. And this book had just enough to make you care a lot about the characters and what they were/had been going through, but not so much that you would be particularly uncomfortable.

The subjects Cherie Priest addresses are the loss of close friends and children at a young age, the risks of the deeper and darker parts of the internet, and cybersecurity in general. So yeah, very mature and relevant topics going on in this book.

A slow and somewhat sad start leads the reader into a fast-paced scavenger hunt, as May and her new friend Trick hunt for clues about the mysterious accident that took May's friend Libby from her five years earlier. Snippets of the the webcomic about Princess X, the character that May and Libby made up when they were kids, are interspersed among the text. These pages dole out the clues that only May—and the reader—can recognize making for a unique read.

I highly recommend this book for readers ages 16 and up who are looking for something different, modern, and a little dark. It could also be a great stepping stone into reading graphic novels in general. Give this teen read a try and see what you think about its unconventional and very refreshing format.

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Posted on Sept. 19, 2016 at 6:56 a.m.

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