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206 sarcastic bones

Pagan's Crusade

Title: Pagan's Crusade
By: Catherine Jinks

It is the Year of Our Lord 1187, and the Middle East is going to “Hell in a handcart.” Just ask Pagan Kidrouk, squire-in-training to the traditionally heroic Lord Roland de Bram aka Saint George. Pagan has 206 bones in his body, all of which contain sarcasm rather than marrow, and all of which he would prefer to leave intact. As he navigates a seedy underworld and an upperworld of “shiny” knights, cutthroat brigands, and a siege of Infidels, he will discover his own worth and fight for his belief, not in God, but in the goodness of a great man.

This series is an excellent choice for readers looking to become immersed in the mind of a single character. Pagan has as much inner dialogue – if not more – as he does spoken. That little voice in his head always has something to say. It’s a good thing Pagan is equipt with a brain-to-mouth filter; otherwise his head would have a permanent dent from all the “Don’t be a smart-alex” smacks (though none from Roland).

Pagan’s Crusade is ideal for all readers, including those with short attention spans. The action, descriptions, and dialogue all move quickly, but smoothly, and the plot is very much on the surface – no soul-searching, existential, groundbreaking theories in this book. The sentences are short and to the point, and could be classified as the ultimate YA Easy Reader.

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Posted on June 14, 2015 at 1:40 a.m.

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