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Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Title: Hilda and the Midnight Giant
By: Luke Pearson

As Americans, we like to think of England as the bustling city of London surrounded by the rolling green hills of the countryside. The reality is different, of course, but it is easy to disconnect from that reality when we live an ocean and the width of a continent away — and just as easy to imagine that fairies might exist in those enchanted hills. The Hilda series* takes advantage of these notions, and introduces readers to a world almost exactly like our own, but where the presence of fairies and otherworldly creatures is part of everyday life. One day you could open your door to go out, and a Wood Man might walk in, causing you to say, "Hey! You have your own house, go home!" Alas, to no avail, as he simply ignores you and makes himself at home by the fireplace. Incidents like this are par for the course for this world, and so Hilda and her mother just roll with it — except for rare occasions when dangerous creatures like trolls, giants, and large black hounds must be dealt with.

The whimsy of this world is given to the reader so straight that at first you question it, thinking that maybe the character is having a dream. But then you find that the world is just like that, and it works out wonderfully. Hilda is a character who shows us that while this world may be a little dangerous, with caring and kindness (and perhaps a little help from some friends), you can get along just fine. A fantastic read that readers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

*SCPL also owns Hilda and the Troll, Hilda and the Bird Parade, & Hilda and the Black Hound

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Posted on Sept. 3, 2014 at 3:21 a.m.

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