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"For my totem, the alley cat. We share the situation of small predators who easily become prey. I have my equivalent of claws and teeth, and indeed my arched back and loud hiss are my best defenses. When I need to hide my size and weakness, I can look fiercer than I am, but when I cannot talk or threaten or argue my way out of trouble, then I am in a lot of trouble. We are scavengers in the alleys and streets of a society we do not control and scarcely influence. We survive and perish both by taking lovers. Freedom is a daily necessity like water, and we love most loyally and longest those who allow us at least occasionally to vanish and wander the curious night. To them we always return from the eight deaths before the last."

from Braided Lives by Marge Piercy

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A story about how stories become stories

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Title: The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
By: Philip Pullman

Phillip Pullman’s retelling of the life of Jesus attracted hate mail along with both positive and negative reviews. I found the premise of the book surprising, but came to realize how neatly it provided an analogy of possible differences between the historical man Jesus and the Christ memorialized and mythologized during successive epochs of the Church. Since Christianity is a living world religion, I noticed it was difficult for me to think of Jesus through the lens of mythology, unlike Greek and other ancient or at least distant mythologies/religions. Reading the book as a metaphor rather than an alternate history, I noticed how skillfully the author portrays human tendencies. The pure, idealistic, and loving attitude towards life struggles with the dogmatic, rule-bound, and ultimately selfish outlook. Pullman imagines how Jesus's original words might have been edited and reinterpreted so he can tell us "a story about how stories become stories."

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