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Title: Redliners
By: David Drake

Reading the first few pages of Redliners, I thought, "Blech. War times in space." Not my favorite; but, stubborn as I am, I persevered. After the initial bout of guns, battlements, encroaching baddie aliens and godlike war heroes, we enter a completely different story, one about redemption and humanity. To be sure, there are robots, a killer planet, and daring escapades; but the significance of this book is the story of what happens to individuals so scarred by war and so distanced from their previous civilian lives that they are incapable of being reinstated into society. Or are they? David Drake served during the Vietnam War, and many of his books center on his experiences, his understanding of war. As a veteran, this is his imaginary solution to a problem that he himself has experienced. Sidebar of significance: Do not judge this book by its cartoon man cover. For serious.

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