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Ender's Game

Title: Ender's Game
By: Orson Scott Card

It seems these days the credo we live by is that every good book must become a movie. Ender's Game is not just a good book, it's a great one, and herein lies my reasoning of why you should read the book in lieu of seeing a summer blockbuster:
1. It's science fiction at its best: dystopic, addressing current concerns (i.e., population growth), with a protagonist you care about and a believable premise. My love of science fiction stems from its ability to examine the choices we as a society make by being somewhat extreme in its interpretation or representation of the future. It's like a playground for social commentary, without the caveat of reality.
2. Ender Wiggin enters Battle School with humanity facing insurmountable odds (got to love the underdog!). We watch Ender being shaped by his experiences at the school, the people he meets, his commanders, and his love for his sister.
3. Anyone over 12 will understand the plight of Ender Wiggin as he faces discrimination in varying forms: older brothers, peers, etc.
4. The. end. is. epic.
Okay, I should be honest here: opening night, I'll be at the movie Ender's Game (Harrison Ford AND Ben Kingsley? Geeking out!). But once you've read the book you can chortle with me at the obvious plot holes the director and writer left out to save time. You can entice your friends with background that the movie will be unable to supply. Or you can just threaten to spoil the ending if no one buys you popcorn.

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Posted on June 3, 2013 at 2 a.m.

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