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The False Prince

Title: The False Prince
By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

What drew me to the first book of the as yet uncompleted Ascendance Trilogy by newcomer Jennifer A. Neilsen was the cover. (I’ll admit that I do judge books by the cover.) I was doubly intrigued when I read the summary on the inside flap, although I do NOT recommend that you read the it, as it contains a major spoiler. I never would have guessed the twist in this plot had I not read about it in the book flap. So, just read the book, and be surprised!

As for the (unspoiled) plot, the protagonist, a young teen named Sage, is plucked from an orphanage by a deceitful man with a dire purpose. Along with a few boys from other orphanages around the kingdom, Sage must compete for a chance to be placed on the throne of Carthya. Sage doesn’t want to be a prince, nor ever be king, but he is left with little choice when his options are compete and win; or die. This fast-paced book is set in a made-up kingdom, but is rich with true-to-life political scheming and street survival techniques. There is no glossing-over of the violent moments, but they are necessary in the context of the story. Although this is not a happy story, Sage is so likeable that the reader hopes that the trilogy will end well for him, despite all the rough times.

(Editor's note 2014: The final book in this trilogy has now been published, and the whole trilogy is available for hold or checkout.)

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